Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just Another Day in Paradise

It's funny, I come up with this title while one kid is tackling me from behind and another is adding stickers to the missing buttons on my laptop.  Yep, another day in paradise for sure!
Titus is getting old enough that he is more involved with the older ones.  He crawls all over the house to keep up, and Zoe and Max even include him in their imaginative games!  I love to sit back and watch while they all laugh at each other for doing something silly.
Zoe wants to hold and snuggle Titus all the time.  For the most part he will let her.  All three will sit on the couch snuggled up together watching Daniel Tiger, Dinosaur Train, or Sesame Street.  I will sit there and just smile at my happy, healthy, beautiful babies getting along so well.
Sometimes it rains in paradise, though..
Max will think the moment is too sweet and out of nowhere poke Titus in the eye or slap Zoe on the head.  After disciplining Max and trying to get the moment back, Titus decides he's done and climbs off the couch.  Zoe thinks it is her turn to discipline Max so I then have to remind her that I am the mom and she needs to knock it off.
Yep, good feeling is gone.
When all three are crying and not getting along...I tend to leave the room...take a swig of my lukewarm coffee that I'm still trying to finish...take a deep breath...put a smile on my face...roll up my sleeves...and get back in there.
I'm sure I have said it many times before -- motherhood is not for the weak.  It is a hard job that never ends.  You may get a break here and there, but the dishes, laundry, house chores, and crying babies are always waiting for you when your short break is over.
Just this morning I read an article Parents Magazine posted on Facebook titled Moms, Stress, and Depression.  I'm pretty sure they were peeking through my windows, as well as a few other moms I know, when they wrote this!  Though I don't think I battle with depression...I can see how easy it would be to fall into it's trap!
Though the article was written for more serious cases of depression and they tell you to seek treatment professionally, I believe that you can help yourselves first with some steps.
I am not a professional in any way.  This is just some steps I try to take myself, and I believe they help!
  1. Mommy Time.  It was hard to get up early at first, but I made myself get up with Paul in the mornings, and now I have a routine.  The kids tend to wake up around 8:00, so I get up around 6:00-6:30 and drink most of my coffee and read my morning devotions in peace.  I feel like that little bit of quiet time to myself really helps since I most likely won't have any the rest of the day.  If I have a chance to go to the store by myself, great!  If not, that's ok because I've already had some time alone.
  2. Walk Away.  There are some times when all three are crying and I am about to cry myself.  I will walk away, just for a minute.  I will go to my bedroom or bathroom, close the door, and just sit there and take deep breaths.  It may take awhile, but I will take deep breaths and even whisper prayers of help until I feel my body calm down.  When I feel focused, I go back out and take care of the chaos with a clear head.
  3. Jumping Jacks.  Ever have those days where you feel lonely and sad but you're not really sure why?  I know I do.  Whenever I feel blue I try to make myself do something active.  Whether I pop in a DVD or take the kids and dog out for a walk, I just go!  I don't make excuses because I want to feel better!  By the time I'm done with my DVD or walk with the kids, I feel so much better about myself.  By the way, I have even taken multiple walks in a day to feel better!  Do what you gotta do, ladies. :-)
At the end of the day, when all the little angels are tucked into their beds, I hope you think about all the blessings God bestowed upon you!  Don't reflect on the stress.  Don't worry about what didn't get done.  Reflect on the good.  Before we all know it, our babies will grow up and leave and we will miss the chaos they brought to our lives.
Now if you will excuse me...I have to clean off my iPhone from all the pictures my daughter has taken.  My son has a snotty nose, again, and my other son doesn't smell so pleasant.  Just another day! :-)

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