Monday, August 19, 2013

Just Another Day in Paradise. Part 2.

I have a funny story to share.  I say it's a funny story because I'm hoping I can laugh about it one day.  Just two days ago I wrote a sweet post (you can read it HERE) about motherhood and all.  I tried to be encouraging to other moms who may be struggling with happy, healthy tips to help shake of mommy blues, blah blah blah...
Then today happened.  Probably one of the worst mornings I've had in a long time -- maybe even the worst I have ever had!  Are you afraid yet?  Well, here it goes..
This morning the kids slept in so I had a chance to drink my coffee, read my devotions, even take a shower!  I just knew all would be well and I had a chance to have a good Monday despite having to take Max to his checkup.
Wrong.  Wrong.  Wrong.  Wrong.
Between doctor checkups, Walmart, and Max being in a mood that only Jesus and disciplining can fix, I am not listening to my own advice very well today.  I plan on taking out my frustration on the house.  Hopefully I can get some cleaning done while I relieve my stress!  Ha!  If Max (or even myself) is still in a mood then we'll take a walk.
Like Zoe says as she strokes my cheek, "Don't worry about's gonna be fine." :-)  She is such a hoot!

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