Friday, August 9, 2013

Naps Happen

We are still having nap issues with the new 3 year old.  But every once in awhile a nap will attack her when she least expects it.  The funny thing is, when she wakes up and you ask how her nap was, she will deny she ever took one!
Mom: Well hello, Zoe! How was your little nap?
Zoe: I didn't take a nap! ... I was resting my eyes.
She is so funny.  Just yesterday she fell asleep on me, and I moved her to her bed.  She slept for a long time!  When she woke up Paul asked how she slept, and again she argued with him saying she didn't take a nap.  Oh well!

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  1. OMW! This is such a great pic! :) what a story!...


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