Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Give me 5 minutes, Mom"

I had just asked Zoe to put her stuffed animals away, and this is the response I get --- "Give me 5 minutes, Mom."  My kids crack me up!  Want to know what I sound like and what words I use to express myself?  Hold a conversation with Zoe and Max and you'll know.  The other day while in the car Zoe said, "Oh no!  I forgot my phone at home!  Shoot!"  They repeat everything and I love it!  They are also teaching me to use my words wisely. =) 

I absolutely love the stages that all three of my children are in right now.  Zoe says the funniest things, and Max repeats the best he can!  They chase each other all day and I love to hear the laughter that ensues!  They have the best personalities and I am so thankful for that!  I thank the Lord everyday that I have happy children.
It won't be long now till Titus is right in the middle of all the action.  He discovered rolling over yesterday and has literally taken off!  He does not stay in one place anymore.  I am slowly getting to one of the fun stages where it doesn't seem like work all the time.
Board games are being played, as well as imagination games like tea parties, "house", grocery store, etc.  Hide-n-seek is a new game that they love to play if anyone is willing.
It still amazes me when I think of our "plan" as far as waiting till after Paul graduated college before starting a family.  God sent us a surprise that changed our lives in so many ways.  Our first baby may be in Heaven, but that sweet little baby made Paul and I realize we couldn't wait four years before we had little ones.  Did we expect to have so many so soon?  No, but we sure are happy that it ended up that way!
Hurley is howling because he just woke up and has to use the outdoor facilities so I guess I better go. =)  Happy Wednesday!


  1. At least you REALIZE your kids get their conversation style from you. Becki would tell me something her kids would say and then, in complete oblivion, say, "Where did they hear THAT from?" HA! Your kids are adorable and I'm so happy you're enjoying them. I remember saying, "This is the BEST age!" We made that statement when our kids were your kids' age, all the way through their teenage years. Parenting is a marvelous blessing from God.

    1. Parenting IS a marvelous blessing from God. I enjoy every minute of it --- even when they're driving me crazy. I can't imagine life without my beauties.

  2. :D I love it! It was so much fun to teach them in class last night. Too cute.

    1. They love going to church and going to "Sunday school." I am so thankful for their eagerness to learn and how much they get out of class! I'm amazed!


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