Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bath Day

I love giving the kids a bath and smelling their fruity shampoo.  They chase each other around in the tub and bath water is sloshed everywhere.  Rubber duckies are thrown at each other and they think they're hilarious when they hit one another in the head with one.
While they bathe I tidy up the bathroom.  I love making sure the bathroom is clean.  Who wants to spend time in a dirty one?  Not me! 
After Zoe and Max are bathed I wrap them up in towels and we go to the living room.  I make sure to moisturize their skin with baby lotion (love the smell!), I clean ears, check fingernails and toenails, get them dressed, etc.

Then it's Titus' turn.  I get his baby bath out, make sure I have a towel and wash cloth ready, get him undressed...

After Titus has been bathed I go through the same process of making sure to use lotion, clean ears, check fingers and toes, etc.

I love having clean babies!  Don't they look fantastic?


  1. They look 'burtaful!' :) Titus is cracking me up! looking @ Max like - - what planet did you come from! :) super cute~

  2. Okay, Titus is not looking like your mom anymore. He looks like an Alexander. ;-) All three kids are adorable.


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