Monday, December 13, 2010

How do you do it?!

Yesterday Paul and I went on a "date" before church and we got to talking..  We talked about who we are; Paul is very laid back yet at the same time, when he does get in the mood, he is like his dad and can go-go-go and get a bunch of projects done in a matter of hours.  He is a very hard worker -- it shows with how well he does in school and at his job!

What about me?  What am I like?

Paul says that my mind is constantly going.  I look at a project -- like my bathroom -- and think of what I could use to organize my space and how to make it look it's best!  I go out and buy organizer bins, different containers to hold hair clips or cotton balls in and get super stoked!  I get home and.. well, my items stay in the Walmart bag for a week.  Or two.

Basically I'm constantly thinking about what I can do, find new recipes, try my hand at crafting and then never finish it.  I'm a procrastinator.  Plain and simple.

So my question of the day is this -- HOW DO YOU MOTHERS DO IT??

How do you keep a clean house, read a book, pick up a crafting hobby, while being a mother?  Is it really possible?  When did it ::click:: with you and you became super mom?  Hmm?

Leave your answers in a comment below ::OR:: email me by clicking HERE!  If you have an interesting answer, I'll post it here ::you will maintain anonymous:: and add my own commentary.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Your not alone. I'm a HUGE procrastinater!!! I'm trying SUPER hard for Noah's sake to change. At least in the cleaning department....haha... I think I have ton pretty good the last month or so. Levi has said so too!!!! ;) As far as reading....I wonder the same thing! I see all of Jenna's good books that I want to borrow, but I know I wouldn't be able to give it back for FOREVER! =D

  2. As they get a little older it does get a little better. Tyler is way better at playing on his own. Which gives me some free time. For the house part that is killing me also. With just now staying in our house full time it is hard to keep clean. I just go threw and pick it up 30 mins before hubby gets home. He never knows=)

  3. Grace I am like you. I see lots of great projects sometimes get the stuff to do it and it sits in the bag and I wish I had motivation to do something with the items in the bag. :-) I am 35 and have resigned to the fact I will do my best, but I am by no means a perfectionists, Sam is laid back he does not care. I do what I can and try not to get stressed. And one day I snap and everything that has been left undone gets done in a day or two. HA!!! how's that for an answer? :-)


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