Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I got two responses from my previous post.  Here are what the ladies said about my question -- How do you mothers do it?!?!

-- As they get a little older it does get a little better. T is way better at playing on his own. Which gives me some free time. For the house part that is killing me also. With just now staying in our house full time it is hard to keep clean. I just go threw and pick it up 30 mins before hubby gets home. He never knows=) 

-- Your not alone. I'm a HUGE procrastinater!!! I'm trying SUPER hard for N's sake to change. At least in the cleaning department....haha... I think I have ton pretty good the last month or so. Hubs has said so too!!!! ;) As far as reading....I wonder the same thing! I see all of my sister's good books that I want to borrow, but I know I wouldn't be able to give it back for FOREVER! =D 

Thank you for the feedback!  It's nice to know I'm not alone.  And just so you know, I am getting better!  I wrote myself a to-do list of things to do everyday; make the bed, wash the dishes, etc.  Things we all know need done, but seeing them written down help make them more important.  Also, I write up to-do lists for Monday -- Friday of extras; clean the bathroom on Tuesdays, vacuum on Fridays, etc.  It seems to help some.  Like I said, I'm getting better.

It helps that Zoe is getting older and plays with her toys while I run around.  She is trying to roll over, too, which keeps her busy.  She's growing up so fast!

New Question of the Day -- How old was your baby when he/she rolled over for the first time?


  1. I left a comment on your last post. Jeremiah was a slow roller over.. HA!!! Is that a word? He was like 6/7 months.He never did just roll and roll all over the place. I was thankful for that.

  2. Noah rolled over right there along with Zoe. Belly to back. The first time was like the middle of the 4th month. He's only done it 4 or 5 times and never at home. He does all the cool stuff at other peoples houses. HA! Now, he doesn't even try to roll over. He's trying push himself forward... with his legs, but not with his arms. His face gets all red cuz he pushes it against the floor. He gets super mad (Ha. I'm sure it doesn't feel good!) so belly time is even worse then before!!


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