Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stop the ride! I want off!

It seems like I'm having one of those weeks where everything most seem to go wrong.  Not just one thing, but many things.  Things that I don't even want to share with you.  But here I am, feeling like I'm going crazy, feeling like I can't breathe, feeling like I need a vacation from my PROBLEMS!!!!

::breathe in::

::breathe out::

I know that all I need is a good night's sleep without funky dreams, a foot and shoulder massage, bubble bath, and finish my book that I picked up two weeks ago.  Oh, and to run away for a day with my husband and daughter.  Then I will be hunky dory!  Back to my happy-go-lucky self!

Until then.. stand back and don't talk to me unless you have a Coke or McDonald's caramel frappe.  Thanks! :|


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