Friday, August 2, 2013

Please and Thank You

I read this quote the other day and have talked about it to more than one person.  Are you tired of me talking about it yet?  Well hold on!  I'm not done yet!
I really like this quote for a couple reasons:
  1. I love Fred Astaire!
  2. It's just really, really good!
One of my devotions had this to say this morning as well:
"We will be much more influential in the lives of our children if we practice what we preach. Why? Because our kids know when we're being hypocritical! When we complain that they do not treat us with respect, we need to be willing to ask ourselves if our actions and attitudes are worthy of their respect."

Talk about an eye opener.

You know, we always do our best to be on our best behavior while out in public.  But how we treat our husband and children when no one is looking is the real lesson your children will learn from!  Especially when we're having a bad day and we walk into a room we just cleaned.  ::clears throat::

OK.  I'm done. 

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