Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Too big for naps

On the morning of Zoe's birthday (nearly a week ago) she woke up a different person.  It's almost like she realized she was now 3 so she was a big girl -- she is more independent, stubborn, and most importantly...she "is a big girl now, so no more naps!"  Her words exactly.
The thing you may not realize, though, is that naps means all sleep.  Including bedtime.  Every night since her birthday she has fought us hard about going to bed.  No matter how many times we explain mommy and daddy are going to bed too, she thinks that she needs to stay up all night and play while everyone else is tucked away waiting for Mr. Sandman.
Since she is "too big for naps" during the day she has been staying up with me while the boys go to bed.  She follows me around while I do my chores and then we will watch shows together while I fold clothes.
The past couple of days, though, if she gets too comfortable, she is attacked by an afternoon nap.  Shocker.  She snuggles up with a blanket, sweater, whatever is cozy enough, and she falls asleep right before dinner.  Too big for naps?  I think not!

Someone had suggested calling afternoon naps "quiet time" instead, and I think that's a great idea!  She can read books or play with her dolls in her room for awhile.  If she falls asleep, great!  If not, oh well.  It will give me a chance for quiet time too! :-)

Just when I get into a routine kids like to change it on me!  Good grief! ;-)


  1. I had to switch caleb to "quiet time" instead. Most times, he reads/plays for the first hour and then falls asleep like a brick. That little boy needs his naps otherwise he is a bear!

  2. OMW! What cute photos!!~ And such a great 'story':)
    Quiet time sounds like a FAB way to put it~~


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