Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Welcome Home

So last week Paul had to leave town for a business trip.  I handled it a lot better this time compared to the very first time he left me, but I still was not very fun to be around I'm sure!  I had my week completely planned out --- we were going to have so much fun and pass the time with fun activities.. but when he left I found myself mostly just sitting around watching the clock.  I'm such a sap!
I got a lot of attention the week Daddy was gone.  That part didn't bother me at all! =)  This picture makes me laugh because I look like I have a litter of puppies!  Haha!
Unfortunately I'm going to have to get used to business trips if Paul continues to progress in the company.  I don't want to be miserable every time he leaves!

The day Paul was due home I packed up all the kids and went to Great Falls early.  I met up with a friend and we spent the day enjoying each other's company!  We found ourselves at a park and it was so nice to let the kids just play.  I am so anxious for more beautiful weather so we can have more park days!

The kids enjoyed the playground and the "geese ducks" that flew overhead.  We spent the most time on the swings!  My kids love to swing just like me!  They all laughed so much!  Zoe even told me she was "fwying."
That evening the kids and I went to the airport.  I took all three kids in and we waited for nearly an hour before we saw Paul's handsome face!  Zoe held her welcome home sign and we heard a lot of oohs and ahhs from other travelers.  As soon as I saw his face I realized I breathed a sigh of relief --- almost like I was holding my breath the entire week waiting for him to come home!
That night we got a room and let me say.. that was an experience.  Our kids do not sleep well together, and Titus doesn't sleep well away from home!  It was nice to get home the next day that's for sure!
Before we went home, we picked up a surprise for our kids.
Zoe guessed it was a white fish.  Haha!  Guess again.

We got this cute little guy! =)  He is a 3-month-old golden retriever!  We named him Hurley, and though we have only had him four days, it seems like he's been a part of our lives forever!  He is a super dog and the kids love him.  As a matter of fact, Max feeds him his yogurt.  Max doesn't share food with anyone.
Here is my last picture for tonight.  Titus is by far my biggest baby!  Here he is 3 months old and is actually filling out 3 month clothes!  Zoe and Max would wear 3 month clothing till they were at least 6 months.  No joke!  He is getting so big too fast!  It's so bittersweet when my babies grow up!
Well.. I think I'm going to call it a night.  I plan on posting again tomorrow for Valentine's Day, but if I don't.. Happy Valentine's Day to all lovebirds!


  1. You are one brave lady! 3 kids and a young puppy! Now you have to change the blog title.

  2. Great post, Grace. I'm so glad you blog. I enjoy it, of course, but years from now YOU'LL look back at all of the pictures and stories and this whole era of time and all of the feelings associated with it will come flooding back and you'll be soooooo glad you have it all recorded. (Yes, I'm speaking from experience on this one! Ha!)

    And I LOVE Hurley. Sooooo cute. :-)

    Oh. And the "litter of puppies" picture is my favorite. Max's smile is so sweet.


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