Friday, February 1, 2013

Counting Blessings

Paul is going on another business trip this weekend.  As much as I would love to go with him again, the kids and I have to stay home because this trip is out of state.  I hate when he has to leave, but I am trying to have a better outlook this time around!  The kids and I will have fun -- I'll make sure of it!  I plan on taking them to the dollar store where we can buy some crafts, lunch dates, we'll head to the library so we all can get some books to read throughout the week, I plan on having movie nights with the kids.. I'm going to make this fun!
The first trip Paul took where he left us all behind was miserable.  Zoe had a horrible time accepting the fact that Daddy was gone.  I knew I wasn't much help because I was pregnant and emotional and I just laid around the house and cried.  We're not going to repeat that week.  No way!
Up until he leaves we have been doing special things together as a family.  The other day we went out to eat a late lunch together.

It was nice to walk around and enjoy being with my perfect little family.  I love being out with Paul and the kids!  We end up having so much fun together!  Plus it's kind of funny to see the looks people give us when they see the three kids and realize how close together in age they are. =)
After our outing we soon realized maybe it was too early to go out since we all have been battling this cold/flu thing.  We ended up spending our Sunday home sick and miserable.

Well.. some of us were sick and miserable.. this guy wasn't obviously. =)
Paul and I were bummed that we weren't able to go to church, but it really was nice to spend the day in our PJ's watching tv and spending time together.

Zoe and Max have loved spending more time with their Dad.  He has been coming home around 3:30 the past week and they have bonded so well!  It kind of makes me sad because I know he will be going back to working 12 hour shifts 6 days a week as soon as he gets home from his trip.  The kids and I are going to miss him being around so much.
I can't think like that.  Even though it has been hard on Paul (and the rest of us!) to work so much, we both know things could be much worse.  He could be out of a job for one.  Also, we know that this isn't going to last forever -- though it seems like it has. =)  One day things will be different and he will move up with the company and have more time to spend with his favorites.
God has blessed our lives in so many ways.  I may say that a lot, but it's true!  Sometimes we go through things we don't like, or life gives us little surprises, and in the end we receive such beautiful blessings!  So much to be thankful for.
Count your blessings!  Think positive!


  1. Yah, my husband just finished being the "new guy" who works the 12 hr shifts. It does eventually end when there is other new guys.

  2. Your kids are SOOOOO cute!!! Every time I see a picture of Titus I see your mom as a baby. It's weird. He doesn't have the HUGE eyes she had, but other than that it's like I've been transported back 46 years. HA!!!
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend.


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