Monday, January 30, 2012

Mommy Kisses

Every stage of Zoe and Max's life has been so much fun for me!  It's hard to pick a favorite because they simply get more and more fun the older they get. 

I can tell Zoe is going to be a great big sister.  She is constantly toting around a "baby" on her shoulder and soothing them with the softest tone in her little voice.  I love it!  When Max cries, she comes running and patting his leg or tummy and trying to soothe him.  It makes my heart simply burst with joy!

Zoe is getting old enough to play tea parties.  It is her new favorite past time -- especially since her teapot sings and makes the pouring sounds.  We drink cup after cup, oh, and we never forget to "cheers."  As a matter of fact, I had to take a mini tea break just now. =)  It's been a great way to teach her manners without her even knowing it.

Max is definitely "talking" more.  He has discovered some new noises and has been using them most of the day.  It is SO cute.  There are some times I think he's crying so I go to pick him up, and then I realize he's just trying out his new voice.  He is so adorable.

He loves to grab at things.  I have also discovered he is a face toucher. =)  I was wrestling with him last night, pretending like I was eating his tummy, and he had such a strong grip on my face and hair.. squealing the whole time!  He's starting to get to the stage where he enjoys playing with Zoe and I.  We've had a lot of fun.

Zoe is the most happy morning person I have ever met in my life!  She sings the minute she wakes.  Also, she has a collection of stuffed toys in her bed that I hear her play with before I get her up.  It's so much fun to hear her make her babies "talk" over the baby monitor!  It's so great!

Not too long ago Zoe came walking into the kitchen crying because she somehow hurt herself.  I kissed the owies away on her fingers and she immediately jumped into my arms and gave me the biggest hug!  I love being a mom and having the "power" to make my kids feel better by a simple kiss.  I remember my mom doing the same for me.  It was the BEST feeling in the world, knowing your mom "healed" your owies with her magical kiss.

I appreciate everyday that I have with my kids.

I appreciate when Zoe pulls me by the hand and wants me to dance to the same song for hours.

I appreciate when both kids want on my lap so I let them -- sacrificing all visibility.. just smelling their hair and tickling their necks.

I appreciate the big smiles I get from Max.

I appreciate the giggles.


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