Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do you really want to know?

It's days like today that make me want to sit in a corner and bawl my little eyes out.

We had friends over last night and we stayed up way too late!  It was so much fun I didn't want it to end, but eventually everyone went home and around 2:30 I crawled into bed and crashed.  Zoe decided that this morning she was going to be rotten -- literally.

Around 7:30 I wake up to Zoe crying over the baby monitor.  I didn't get up at first because sometimes she'll cry in her sleep but isn't fully awake.  Well, this morning she was awake.  I got up to find her crawling around in a poop explosion.  Lovely.

I got her cleaned up, wrapped her in a snuggly blanket and rocked her while listening to Jack Johnson.  Not even Jack Johnson was able to get her back to sleep.  After fighting with her for an hour I figured there was no chance of me going back to bed so we had breakfast.

After breakfast Zoe and I crawled into bed with Paul.  I was kinda hoping she'd give in and fall asleep if we had snuggle time.  Ha!  No snuggle time this morning.  Instead she was a wild monkey that climbed all over the place.  While she played Paul and I talked about some latest things and ended up feeling discouraged about certain things going on right now.  We both just feel the need for a VACATION!  When will we ever have that?  It didn't take long before Zoe was screaming, throwing fits, and hitting.

That is not my child..

Where do kids pick up such nasty habits?  Paul and I both were on top of it and made sure to discipline her every. single. time. but it didn't seem to matter.  After fighting for what seemed like forever, Paul picked her up, swaddled her tight, and put her back to bed and closed the door.  We sat there listening to her scream bloody murder and cry for.. you guessed it.. an hour.

After everyone was dressed we left for my inlaw's house so I could get started on work.  I have been swamped for the past week, and will continue to be through next week.  It literally is the only thing I've been doing all day, every day till late at night.  I hope my paycheck looks nice.

After going over to my inlaw's we decided to grab a quick bite to eat -- jelly sandwich for Zoe, ramen noodles for Paul and I.  Zoe finally was quiet while she ate her lunch.  It was then I broke down and let myself cry it all out.  I'm so thankful Paul just held me without making me feel foolish for crying!  After I was done, I wiped away my tears and got on with my day.  Zoe was back to her crying self and Paul and I both had to work.

Thankfully a cup of milk and Jack Johnson put Zoe to sleep after lunch and I had an hour to work.  While working, though, I got a text from Paul with this scripture --

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.  Sufficient unto the day is evil thereof.

The Lord knows our every need and also the desires of our hearts.  Even though today has been a stressful day to say the least, we should still thank Him for our blessings and continue to keep our focus on Him.

When Zoe woke up from her nap she was a lot better.  I still see her pushing the limits here and there, but she's happy.  Oh, and she drew Mommy a picture.  How sweet!  I hope the rest of my day continues to go smoothly -- and tomorrow Paul and I have a day off!  Too bad we're too poor to go anywhere.  We'll still make it work, though.

Thanks for listening. :)

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  1. Oh girl I so know how you feel. I am in need of a long vacation with my whole faimly. And not to have to worry about a thing. Kid always seem to get up super early the nights we stay up way to late. It never fails Ty always does that to us! I would like to say the fit throwing gets better but has only seemed to get worse when Ty hit two. It litterally drains you. I am praying for you.


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