Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Zoe's first Easter
Here is the best picture we have of Zoe in her beautiful Easter dress.  Unfortunately it has to have me in it too.  ::ugh::  But you see my belly is pooching!  That should excite you pregnancy fanatics. ;)

I just love Zoe's face in this picture!  I think it captures her personality pretty well.  She's such a happy kid.

Her latest development is dancing.  The kids loves to dance!  Whether it's Veggie Tales or Katy Perry she's dancing.  I love it!  She already has killer dance moves too.  She learns those sweet moves from me.  Ha!

I put Zoe in her Jenny Jump Up last night and she thought it was the best thing ever!  She bounced, laughed, and spun around in circles for quite awhile.  It definitely helped while I was cooking dinner -- she even enjoyed gumming a strip of yellow pepper while playing.

I'm getting pregnant enough that I can't just sit on the floor and play with Zoe anymore.  I figured that out yesterday when I was playing with her and then had to get up to get a diaper.  Standing up was not going to happen, so I had to crawl to get a diaper.  Oh, Zoe thought this was the funniest thing ever.  She laughed the entire time I crawled.  At least I can crawl kid!!!!!

There's a little bit of what's going on in Zoe's life! ♥

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  1. LOVE the pic! SUPER CUTE!! BOTH of you! ;-) I'm thinking about getting Noah a jumping thing.It looks like fun! Plus, his exsersaucer (sp?) thing has gotten old to him. SO I'm having a hard time keeping him contained.

    You know.....I wanted Noah to be mobile real bad. Really though....God could be be using that fact that Zoe isn't super mobile as a blessing to you. It's hard sometimes keeping Noah out of things. I have to have a CONSTANT eye on him because he seems to ALWAYS manage to find something he shouldn't. I'm always chasing him. Being pregnant on top of it would be really rough!! Bending over ALL.THE.TIME!

    Also, I had a friend tell me that as far as motor and mobilty skills, anything goes until age 2. She's really big on reading and researching. So when Noah wasn't crawling and her son was almost walking and they were only a month apart I didn't freak. It all comes on their time....sometimes better later then sooner!! ;-)

    Jessa (for some reason blogger isn't letting me sign in)


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