Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A very merry un-anniversay to you!

This past weekend Paul and I ran away to Helena to celebrate our un-anniversary  -- since our actual anniversary is hidden till 2012 -- with just the two of us.. and Zoe.. and our little tadpole.

I am kicking myself for not taking more pictures than I did.  The only ones I took were of the capital building.  I need to have someone take a picture of us -- the happy couple!  Just wait, folks.

This picture was not taken this past weekend, it was actually taken today, but I couldn't help posting it for all to see!  We were visiting Paul at his work today, and while there we played around with the camera a little. :)  Isn't she a doll?

Back to our anniversary weekend..

Like I said before, we spent the anniversary in Helena.  We visited the historical society, the state capital, and the governor's first mansion.  We also walked/drove around downtown and admired the beauty of of the old buildings.  Some may think that wasn't the most romantic thing to do, but Paul has been enjoying his history class so much, and has been telling me so much about the history of how Montana came about, we wanted to see the history firsthand.  So we did!  We had a wonderful time, and we were so relaxed.  We even went swimming with Zoe and she loved it.

Oh, you know how it's March 1 and all.. spring is on it's way, the trees are budding and the weather is slowly getting warmer..  FALSE.  A blizzard blew in last night and is still going.  We are currently experiencing weather that is in the negatives.  So.. if you're so kind to think of me.. send some of that spring-like weather my way. :)

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