Saturday, February 19, 2011

Picture bonus!

I know it's biased of me to say so, but my daughter is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen in my life.  Look at that face!  Isn't she a doll?

Just overnight she has learned so many things; she clicks her tongue, she gives kisses, yells for "ya-ya" which we're sure is for Dad, and loves to smack you and laugh.  The only thing is she has to do it on her time.  If you ask her to do it she'll just look the other way and smile and act like she didn't hear you.  So you have to wait until she's in the mood.  I have no idea where she got that stubbornness from.. ;)

I am so anxious for Spring to get here so I can take Zoe out on walks.  I have big plans for her, Baylee, and I.  We'll probably live at the park this year!  I'm so excited!  Also, this Summer I plan on getting a hard plastic kiddy pool for Zoe and Baylee.. and me.  When we're not hitting up the park we'll suntan in the backyard.  We're going to have a blast, I know it!

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