Friday, March 4, 2011

Update on the Zomeister

For those of you who didn't know, there was some concern that Zoe may need to go to physical therapy for low muscle tone.  We weren't worried.. the doctor who isn't Zoe's doctor, mind you we went to last month was.  We went to Zoe's actual doctor today to get another round of shots as well as check her muscle tone. Almost as soon as she walked in the door she told us that Zoe looked great and her muscle tone was completely fine.  She also said that she is well on her way to crawling -- especially after hearing that she does "push-ups" and once even got up on her knees.  Thanks for confirming what we already knew, doc!

So far she is doing a lot better handling the pain that comes with getting shots.  She did act like she was in pain so I gave her some tylenol and she's now sleeping.

This weekend is going to be busy but very fun for me!  We're having a potluck this Sunday after church and then, I think, this Monday we're starting our first weekly Monday morning ladies prayer session!  It will be the beginning of an amazing adventure with the fellow ladies, I'm sure!

Have a wonderful night!  I'm going to drink sweet tea and enjoy time with my baby and hubs.

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