Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yellow blanket

Do you remember a certain blanket or stuffed animal that meant a lot to you when you were a child?  I think most of us had something special when we were little..  I had a wild haired doll that I named Sally.  I also had a patchwork doll I named Sue.  For my husband, it was yellow blanket.

I love to think about the Toy Story movies or even The Brave Little Toaster.  How special certain things like blankets or toys are to kids and then they grow up and leave them behind.. or, for my husband, they disappear and end up in a doghouse years later after he's older.  Crazy story!  Even though Yellow Blanket was old and tattered, Paul took it out of the doghouse and brought it back home and stuffed it in a box to disappear again.

I always heard about Yellow Blanket and how special it was to Paul when he was a baby.  I figured I would finally get to see what that thing would look like after we got married and moved in together.  After unpacking every single box I was disappointed..  I think Paul was too, because he lost Yellow Blanket- again.  Not that he needed it, but it would have been nice to have.  I wonder if he wished to have it for his future children.. ?  Or do men even think like that?

For those of you who do not know Paul's father.. he is constantly cleaning and organizing.  He has a monthly load of things he sends to Sally's (Salvation Army) that the family secretly peek through to make sure he doesn't throw out anything that has sentimental value.

Well, the other night we were hanging out and Kirby was clanging around in the basement as usual.  We didn't think much of it since he always is down there rearranging and organizing.  Well, out of nowhere Kirby walks into the living room and throws something at Paul.  

Whaddya know- it's Yellow Blanket!  Paul was pretty excited to have it back.  You know why? 

Yellow Blanket's new best friend

This beautiful little girl needed her daddy's Yellow Blanket.  After giving Yellow Blanket a good washing we gave it to Zoe.  She immediately tried eating it and snuggled her face into it.  Even though Yellow Blanket is faded and a little tattered, Zoe loves it so much.. just like her daddy did when he was little.

To some this post may be cheesy, but not to me.  In my eyes this blanket is carrying a lot of sentimental value and it means a lot to Paul to pass something special of his to his very own daughter.  I cherish this picture.  I think I will even frame it.

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  1. Grace that was a neat post. How cool that Zoe now has the blanket. SWEET!!!! love it.


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