Thursday, September 30, 2010

I have come to the conclusion

..that it is nearly impossible to get anything done with an infant.  Yeah, yeah you all told me.  I hoped--just like every other mom in the whole entire world--that I would be the one to make history and have a clean house, dinner on the table every night, and a happy baby in tow.  I laugh at you!

Some things work for awhile; wearing my baby, working on things while she sleeps, etc.  But it never lasts for long.

The newest idea is school.

You heard right.  School.

Today was her first lesson--thanks to Baby Einstein.  It actually kept her attention for about 12 minutes, and in those 12 minutes I got a good chunk of the living room looking decent- well, at least the entryway.  It has given me hope, folks!

Even if she only lasts 12 minutes I will take it--and run with it.

Though there are times I feel frustration because my house is a mess, the laundry is behind, my dishes aren't clean, it's ok.  My daughter loves me and wants to be with me.  What a wonderful feeling!  One day too soon she'll be old enough (and independent enough!) to play with toys and not even care about what I'm doing.. just thinking about it chokes me up!


  1. if you are spoiling her good luck with the whole independent thing! she will never want to leave your side. unless shes an angry teenager. :)

  2. There is some spoiling--but not to the point of being rotten! There are times I let her cry because I just have to get things done.. It breaks my heart to hear it, but I know it needs to be done. All apart of being a mother, huh?

  3. Heck yeah girl! I'm sad that Baby Einstein has apparently worn of on Ellie Kate. She loves to play with the DVD cases though!

  4. I totally understand! :)

  5. "anonymous" is kind of right. They learn SO fast. She will demand more and more, but it's a balancing act that we all learn. It just takes time and consistency.

  6. I can't 100% agree with "anonymous", my little girl should be spoiled as much as she was held when younger, but now that she's 19 months she is very independent. She wants to do EVERYTHING by herself, and it breaks my heart. My little man is right the opposite. He still likes to know where mom and dad are at all times and he's almost 10! :)


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