Saturday, September 25, 2010

I've got the itch

Here recently I have seen so many blogs of amazing moms who somehow find the time to be crafty.  They see something they like and they make it themselves.  All it takes is a little craft glue and 2x4s.  I have seen blinds, shelves, picture frames, and old chairs be turned into something amazing..

I want to do that!!

Thanks for the inspiration ladies!  There are so many things I have planned for my home.  One of them being hanging my husband's art in different kinds of frames!  I just haven't found the frames I'm looking for yet.. I'll know what it is when I find it..

Another thing.. I need to find the time.

 How do you find the time when you have babies?

I feel like I need to write a list or something!


  1. First love the back ground!
    Second time what is that:) Good luck with that it only gets worse when they get older.
    I would love to do crafts but I'm just not real crafty:(

  2. Thank you! I am very happy about this background find.
    (I can only handle pink for so long..)

    As for the time.. I figured it was wishful thinking, but I'd give it a shot! Not that I'm too crafty myself, but I figure that with more practice I'll get better, right?

  3. Hmm...what a hard question to answer! I'm pretty crafty, but it is hard to find the time, even though my daughter is 13 months old! I usually work on my projects after she goes to bed at night, but with Zoe being so young, she probably doesnt have a set bedtime routine yet? I suggest doing some crafty things while she naps during the day (that is, if your not exhausted!) :)


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