Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gotta love family

When family visits you never see your baby unless she's *fruipy or hungry. Everyone loves a baby- until she cries. :)  Having a lot of family around is a lot of fun, though.  She's always held, her diaper changed, I just feed her every 3 hours and then she's passed on to someone else.  It makes me extra appreciative of dark time though- when I can take my baby to bed with me.  Sigh.. love it!

Also, when family comes to visit, you get a lot of presents! Zoe has received a lot of cute outfits and I love putting her in something new everyday!  I need to enjoy it while I can because I can already tell it won't be long before she's too big.  My little girl is growing right before my eyes!  I think she's double in size from when she was first born.

I tried on my skinny jeans today, and what do you know, they fit!  I'm telling you, my Dr. Scholl's version of Shape Ups are working!  I keep losing more and more weight and getting smaller and smaller.  I feel GREAT!

Aunt Teresa has me addicted hooked enjoying sugar-free sweet tea from Walmart.  I'm sure it's sweetened with Splenda.  I love Splenda!  I wonder if it's cheaper to buy enough Splenda to make my own sugar-free sweet tea or if it's cheaper to buy it already made?  I need to check into that for my new addiction pleasure.

Tomorrow is going to be an overwhelming day for me, though.  I have a WIC appointment at 8:30, daycare orientation from 9:30-2:00, and then I need to clean Earl's house after that.  I'm going to need a double shot and hope it will help me mentally and physically!

Vote for Zoe!♥

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