Friday, July 9, 2010

Tossing and turning

Last night was absolutely miserable.  No, not because of my latest nightmare, though that would ruin any one's night!  Instead I tried to get comfortable while enduring dull, yet annoying, contractions.  So I was awake most of the night, contracting, feeling too hot, and letting my mind run wild with mental to-do lists.

~Make sure the house is completely clean

~Take out the boxes in the spare room and move in the bed for Grandma Bunny

~ALL of the laundry needs to be washed, folded, and put in its proper place

~I need my hair trimmed, my nails reshaped, my eyebrows waxed, a total makeover on my feet..  Yeah, it's vain, but I want to look my best! ;)

Do you think any of this is going to get done?  If anything I hope the house, spare room, and laundry get done.  I have 11 days to have people help me.  I can do this!

Back to my original story..

Because I couldn't sleep I thought I would read a book- on my phone. :)  I picked up where I left off and read for hours it seemed.  I read chapter after chapter after chapter and could not get to that sleepy stage!  I could tell that the light was bothering my husband so I eventually put it down and just laid there..

God must be training me for what it's going to be like after Zoe is born.  I am starting to accept the bags under my eyes.

A lighter note..

Only 11 more days and then I am going to Walmart!  Do you realize that I haven't been to Walmart in 12 days?!  Maybe God is also trying to break me of my addiction.  I have a lot of lessons to learn in order to "grow up" and be a mother, don't I?


  1. Oh boy. I think you maybe super close now. I got that way about a week before. The night before my water broke I had this really strong urge that I needed to finish packing my bag for the hospital.
    Hurry up. =) I wanted so bad to get my legs waxed and get my hair trimmed and all that, but never got around to it. Thought I had time.
    Love ya girl!! She's on her way!!!=D
    oh yes. And enjoy even just laying in bed with out being able to sleep. I think your right, it is God helping us get used to even less sleep. haha!!!

  2. Only 10 more days! :) We'll see if I last that long..

    I hope I do, for my mom's sake and for my own, but I just don't know anymore..

  3. I'm praying for your mom to make it time hon!!!


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