Saturday, July 10, 2010

10 more days

Today started out as one of those days..  I'm not in the mood to be a bum, invalid, bed rest Betty, whatever you want to call me.  I have 10 days until my family gets here and all I want to do is CLEAN!!  It drives me crazy seeing my house a mess and not being able to do it myself.  Instead, I have to ask for help..  Oh brother.

I am thankful I have only 10 days left though.  It doesn't seem that long anymore!  Thank you Jesus!

Also, I do not feel well today.  I have a horrible headache, my shoulders ache (probably from stress), and I just don't feel well.  I should just sleep..

Oh!  Lighter note!  I kinda shaped my eyebrows. :)  That made me feel more put together.

1 comment:

  1. Hang in there baby girl! I know these days are dragging, not only for you, but for your Mom as well. Zoe will be here before you know it and honestly, I know it is making you nuts, but your family isn't going to give two hoots whether your house is spotless or not...they are coming to see you, Paul and ZOE! Love you sweetie!


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