Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our Little Sweet Pea

I went into the girls' room this morning to get Phebe out of bed.  She was already wide awake standing on her tip toes trying to peek over the side of the pack-n-play.  You can tell she is smiling brightly just by looking at her eyes.  They sparkle!  I got her out of bed and she turned her body around and started waving.  She knows that once we enter the living room three older siblings are sitting on the couch ready and waiting to wave back.

Our little sweet pea is going to be 1 in two days!  I can't believe it.  Our last baby is growing up way too fast.  Where is the pause button?  I desperately need to find it.  I need to freeze time right in this moment.  My kids need to stay little forever.

Over the weekend I was really looking forward to sleeping in.  I needed the extra sleep.  My kids had other plans.  They woke me up at 6:30.  I rolled over to my husband and said, "Kids are exhausting."  It's true.  They are exhausting.  They wake up and demand things from you before your eyelids even flutter open to welcome the first glimpse of sunlight.

But my baby -- the last baby of the family -- is turning 1.  When I think about the fact that everything she says and does in her little life is the last of our baby firsts...I can't help but appreciate my little ones no matter how tired I am.

Paul and I are so blessed.  We are thankful for Zoe, Maximus, Titus, and Phebe.  I cannot imagine my life without these four amazing, beautiful, happy, healthy kids!  I can't wait to celebrate with our sweet pea!  Happy Birthday, Phebe!

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