Saturday, June 6, 2015

Gone Fishing

I started working on this post almost a month ago and I'm finally sitting down to finish it!  Life has been a little hectic busy lately so I haven't had time to sit and write as much as I would like to.  So here we go!

So nearly a month ago we spent the day at the lake.  Paul ran from one kid to the other trying to get a worm on each hook, casting the line, putting more worms on hooks, untangling lines, recasting... 

It was a little hectic for the poor guy, but we laughed at the chaos and had fun anyways.
The kids were really excited to go fishing with Daddy -- especially Max!  He has been wanting to go fishing and hunting with his Dad ever since he learned to go potty on the toilet.  It was a deal we made with him hoping to persuade him.

I don't think he realized that you have to be quiet and sit still while fishing...  He got fidgety not even 5 minutes after Paul cast his line in the water and got him ready!

All the kids got bored fairly quick and decided to walk around and play with their cousins.

After awhile the Dads gave up on fishing too (no bites this time) and we grilled some hot dogs and enjoyed dinner outside in God's beautiful country!  It was pretty windy, but other then that it was a pretty relaxing day!

As fun as it was to go fishing with the family, I have wanted Paul and I to go together so bad!  I would love to go fishing and just not have to talk or do anything -- just sit there and enjoy nature.  I may even bring a book and read and just soak up the sun.  Maybe we can do that for our next date night! :-)

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