Sunday, September 7, 2014

Five Minutes

I make breakfast for the kids every morning. Monday - Friday they get hot breakfasts like oatmeal, eggs and toast, etc. On the weekends they eat cold cereal.

Every morning it's the same routine. I run around the kitchen making breakfast. When they're done eating what I have made for them they are still starving, so they eat fruit. When the kids are FINALLY full, I have them leave the table while I eat my own breakfast. Some morning I give up and think breakfast isn't worth it . . . but when I do sit down, normally it's just with a piece of toast. I reheat my coffee, sit down with my toast, and try to eat it while writing out my To Do List or scrolling through Facebook -- it's almost like the morning paper. 

It sounds peaceful, right? WRONG. I sip my coffee and eat my toast while the boys hit each other with plastic swords and they're screaming. Phebe is hungry, so she's crying somewhere. Zoe is either being a mother and disciplining kids even though I tell her that she is not the mommy, or she is singing very loudly and slightly off key a beautiful song for all the world to hear. 

I live in a zoo. 

There I sit eating my toast and sipping my lukewarm coffee. I give myself five minutes. Just five minutes and then I'll get back in there. I try not to rush myself. The chaos will still be going on when I'm done eating. 

When my breakfast is over, I roll my sleeves and break up wars, pick up the battlefield of toys and clothes, get Zoe started on school, and shake my head while I smile . . . My life is crazy. But I love it! 

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  1. Great post Grace ;-) You are blessed. Much better life then silence all day long. :-)


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