Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Last Thursday was my husband's 29th birthday, so we had a party with family and friends on Sunday after church.  It was wonderful having everyone over to help celebrate my amazing man!  I am so thankful for Paul.  Words cannot describe how crazy I am about him!  He is my best friend!

For his birthday I bought him a lime green record player.  He really wanted a motorcycle . . . but I think he was pretty excited about what he got instead. :-)  He has one record so far, the newest Black Keys, and we have listened to it about 4 times now.  He loves it!

Here are a couple pictures Paul took a week or two ago of our little babies.  I love them so much they will be framed and hanging on my wall soon!  I can't wait for him to take more of the babies all together.

Let them be little
fill their hearts with
help them grow wings
nurture their sense of wonder
inspire them to believe
love them like there's no tomorrow.

As much as we want life to slow down, it isn't going to happen.  There is no pause button.  I want to enjoy every minute -- soak in every second I have with my family.  They are my pride and joy.  The Bible says life is but a vapor, it appears for for a little time and then vanishes away.  I want to spend more time loving and laughing with the ones I love and less time being stressed and aggravated, don't you?

My husband kind of laughed when I came home with my party supplies for his party.  He said he felt like he was turning 6 again.  For me, though, I wanted to celebrate his life!  I love celebrating the ones I love!  If that means feeling like you're turning 6 again, that's OK!  I would hate if he felt too old to celebrate his life. :-)  We are only given one you know! 

So celebrate the ones you love!  Celebrate the time you have while you can!  I know you won't regret it!

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