Sunday, June 22, 2014

Poppies, Sunflowers, and Daisies too!

Target is one of my favorite places to go while I'm in Great Falls.  Their $1 section is amazing and I end up filling my basket with the goodies from there before I even have a chance to walk through the rest of the store!  I found poppies, sunflowers, and daisies that you could grow in these adorable little pots and just had to buy them for the kids!

The kids had a great time planting the little seeds in these little pots and then placing them on the window sill.  We have to look at them everyday to see if there are any flowers yet. :-)  They don't know this yet, but I peaked at them last night (I'm excited too!) and saw some of the little plants are trying to poke out!  They are going to be so excited to see some progress.

Just yesterday I read a devotion and it had a story about a man looking for flowers for spring planting.  While at the greenhouse he came across a beautiful golden chrysanthemum that was hidden in a corner growing in an old, dented rusty bucket.  In his mind, he thought that if that was his flower he would place it in a beautiful pot and display it proudly.  Why was this beautiful flower confined in this old bucket and hidden away in this concealed place?

When he remarked to the owner about the flower, she explained, "Oh, I started the plant in the old bucket until it blossomed.  But it's just for a short time.  Soon I'll transplant it to my garden."

The man laughed and imagined such a scene in Heaven.  "There's a beautiful one," God will say, "the product of My loving kindness and grace.  Now it's confined in a broken body and in obscurity, but soon, in My garden, how tall and lovely this soul will stand!"

I thought it was a beautiful devotion!  I know I will think about it every time I see these adorable little pots and the flowers that will soon grow.

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