Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pass the tissues and vitamin D

Yesterday Paul and I sat on the couch all day with a box of tissues, blankets, orange juice, and the remote.  The kids would sit with us every once in awhile, but for the most part they ran around the house and played like normal, everyday life.  The only reason I know they're sick is because of the coughs and runny noses.

I wish I had their energy.

It's hard to be the mom, or dad, and watch your house slowly fall apart and feel helpless because you're too weak in body to even try.

While sitting there I noticed the toys slowly coming out of the bedrooms and cluttering up the living room.  My bags of toys and clothes that need to go to Salvation Army got smaller and smaller (since I forgot to put them AWAY before getting sick).  The dishes piled up in the sink.  The kids went through more clothes than I had clean.

It's so hard being a parent when you're sick.

The kids slept in till 8:00 which gave Paul and I a chance to sleep a little more.  We both woke up feeling the same as yesterday.  Awful.  So here's to another day spent in front of the TV with our tissues, vicks, chapstick, and orange juice while the kids run around and make the house more of a disaster area for me to work on when I feel better.  Yay me. :-)

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! I feel like that is my house even when I am healthy! I just can't keep up these days! You are an amazing mama Grace!


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