Monday, January 20, 2014

Four under 4

This May Paul and I will be having our fourth child before our oldest child turns 4 years old.  Does this stress us out?  Not really.  Does it stress other people out?  Apparently yes. 

Last year before our youngest son turned 1 we got the surprise of a positive pregnancy test.  It took us over a month before we made it public mostly (for me) so I could enjoy the thought of having another baby without hearing the comments. 

It wasn't long after people found out before we were hearing that we were being talked about:

"How is Grace going to manage?"

"Poor is she going to function with four babies?"

"How's the 'birth control' working for you?"

We live in a day and age where I feel like children are not seen as a blessing from God but rather a punishment from Him.  That's not the case at all. 

Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. Psalm 127:3 

When Paul and I were newlyweds we had our life all planned out and we thought our plan would make us happy.  The opposite of nearly everything we had on our list happened.  

We ended up having not one, but two kids while Paul was in college.  Studying was a lot of fun in our house!  
We outgrew our apartment and bought our first house -- which we have outgrown again.  

We thought we were taking a break to enjoy our two kids...that didn't happen.  

Every year we promise to buy a dishwasher and every year something comes up -- this year it was a broken arm.  

Money is tight when birthdays come along so we decorate using construction paper, balloons, and tissue paper.  Thank you Pinterest!  

Paul and I were planning a romantic trip to Cancun for our anniversary this year...I got pregnant. So we will be enjoying our anniversary at home with steaks and mushrooms by candlelight. Or maybe a pizza. 

Every night I go into my son's room and reassure him that the shadows are not monsters and that Jesus is the ultimate superhero.  Sometimes I have to reassure him a few times before he calms down and goes back to sleep.

The kids wake up early demanding cereal, gum, candy, or SuperWhy every morning before I am even out of bed.  Or have had my coffee.

My husband runs out of clothes every single week.

Even though our life hasn't gone according to plan, Paul and I could not be happier!  Zoe, Max, and Titus give us pure joy.  Sometimes we sit in the car while all three are dancing to the music and we get overwhelmed...we have such beautiful, happy, healthy children.  Wow.  It's amazing.

Things don't work out the way we want them to and life is stressful, but at the end of the's all about family.  Cake Boss knows what he's talking about! 

This lifestyle may not be for you, and if you couldn't handle it, then thank God He hasn't given you more than you can handle.  I know it is not for everyone.  But don't feel sorry for me.  Be happy with me while I bask in the blessings that God has given me!

Oh, and by the #4 is a girl!


  1. Love this blog Grace! Congratulations on your baby girl!

  2. Love it Grace.. I think you both are super parents! :D

    1. Thanks, Keshia! =D You guys are pretty amazing too!

  3. We had 4 that were 4 and under and my oldest is named Zoe. :) We had 2 girls and 2 boys. They are now 9,8,6, & 4. They are each other's play mates & best friends. I love it!!!

    1. What a funny coincidence! Love the name choice! ;-)

  4. good words. ..Children are a blessing

  5. You will have many more anniversarys that you will wish your kids were there. soak up the moment you have now and know your blessed.

  6. Congrats! Children are a huge blessing! It's a pity that so many people don't understand that!

    1. Thank you! It is a pity that so many people don't see the blessings. I will continue to enjoy mine, though! :-)


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