Thursday, June 27, 2013

If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.

I read this quote a few months ago and it has been stuck with me ever since!  I think it is a great reminder and I try to remind myself of it often -- especially when I'm feeling impatient and I know I could do it A LOT faster...
Now that Zoe has a "princess bed" she is more excited about making it everyday.  I think it is so cute to watch.  It may not be perfect, but I think she does a great job!

I also have Zoe try to teach Max how to make his bed.  He doesn't quite get it (understandably so) but he will eventually!

Titus has finally discovered how to army crawl FORWARD.  It's very exciting...but it's also more work for me! :-)  I vacuum daily and he still grazes on random things found on the floor.  Ugh  Now that he is army crawling he is more involved in Zoe and Max's play time.  They play with toys, read books, watch shows.. I love watching all 3 of my babies together!

I'm sure Paul will love this picture. ;-)  Zoe is teaching Max how to take care of babies.  How to hold them with their heads UP, how to change diapers, etc.  It was very sweet!

The babies and I walked to Story Time yesterday.  We learned about dirt, worms, and even mud tacos!  Afterward we all went outside and they enjoyed "dirt cups" on the lawn!  A perfect treat for a summer day!

Yesterday I was very busy.  I was on my feet  Woe is me, right? ;-)  When the kids finally went to bed I enjoyed an iced coffee (at 10:00 pm. Shame.) and even gave myself a quick pedicure!  I love Bath & Body Works' sugar scrubs!  They feel great!
So far this morning we have had breakfast, the kids are ready for the day, and...I'm still in my PJ's. :-)  Oh well.  Not everyday is perfect!


  1. Adorable pics Grace:) and great Quote (in the title)!!

  2. The pictures are SO ADORABLE! They will be treasures for years to come. Well, probably not the last one . . . but the rest! Thank you for posting.


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