Monday, July 1, 2013

Fun in the sun

I think this is the busiest summer I have ever had in my life.  It's not going to slow down any time soon either!  As you can see from the picture's tiring!

Last Friday was Paul's day off so we spent the day walking, swimming, taking afternoon naps, eating pizza, and enjoying a bonfire with s'mores!  Yum!  It was a perfect, summer day!  We had a lot of fun with friends and family and I know we will be having more bonfires (and s'mores!) in the near future! :-)
Max has discovered that he can climb into Titus' crib using his toddler bed as a boost.  This is so great, right?  Not really.  But it is.  Haha!  Confused yet?

Max is such a great big brother to Titus!  He climbs in there to try to make Titus happy.  It doesn't always work...but at least he's trying!  It's kind of fun to listen to over the baby monitor.  They both gasp when they get really excited so they tend to have a gasping conversation when Max crawls over.  It's pretty funny!  Oh, and sidenote, Max has shared cereal with Titus.  So now Titus is crazy about Honey Bunches of Oats.  Thanks, Bub!

Saturday we celebrated Emilie's 7th Birthday!  It's crazy to think she's already 7..  She had a beach themed birthday party and it was a lot of fun!  All the kids had a blast!  Here's most of the kids together.  Emilie is in the middle with her Minnie Mouse ears. :-)  The girl LOVES ears.  She wears her Minnie Mouse or cat ears almost everyday.  So Auntie Grace made sure to add to her collection.
 :-)  I got her elephant, zebra, and puppy dog ears plus a few other little things.  She was very happy!
Yesterday we went to church and my kids were the only kids to attend, so they got to stay up and listen to Papa preach.  During church, Zoe was designing clothes and taking pictures of them.  Ha!  She is so funny.

Tuesday night, after Paul gets off work, we will drive through the night to Everett, WA.  We will be in the state of Washington till Sunday having fun with family.  It will be a fun time!  But because we are leaving tomorrow night, I have A LOT to do today!  Packing, cleaning, getting the car ready, appointments, blah blah blah.  I guess I better get started!  Happy Monday!

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  1. LOVE the top picture! Too cute!!
    Around here it's way too hot at night to use a fire pit. We could probably make s'mores without the fire! HA! It's more of a fall/winter activity. But it's nice for me to imagine how great the evenings are in Montana these days. I'm happy for you.
    Enjoy your family time!
    Love you.


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