Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Growing Up

No matter how old you are, one is never too old to learn a lesson!  This past week God is giving me a lesson.  In the beginning of the week I was freaking out and allowing my emotions to overtake me to the point that I was experiencing anxiety.  As the days went on and I realized I wasn't handling the situation the way God wanted me to, I went to Him in prayer.
I love how, when you realize how silly you are and you remember to take a minute and ask God to help you...immediately you feel His warmth and peace like snuggling up with a load of laundry as soon as they're out of the dryer.  Did that make you sigh when you thought of it?  I know I did!
I still have little things in my life that are stressful, but I have a loving God who is holding my hand and guiding me through it all.  I'm so thankful I could cry.  We serve such a wonderful and loving God!

So this weekend it is my turn to leave my husband and kids and go out of town.  I am really excited because this is only my second ladies retreat I have ever been to, but at the same time I'm so nervous because I have never left my babies before.  I know Paul and his dad will do a great job, I don't doubt that, but I know how emotional they get when Dad are they going to feel when Mommy leaves??
Yesterday the kids and I went to the library and picked out a few books for them to read this weekend.  I also picked up an audio books for us ladies!  Today I put together a Daddy Survival Kit for Paul and his dad.  Call me paranoid. =D  It just made me feel better writing things down, ok?!
I know that when this weekend is over I will feel rejuvinated spiritually, mentally, and physically.  By the time I get home I will be so happy to see my husband and babies, and I know I will have a clear head because of my mini break!  Even though I'm slightly dreading it. =D  By the time the weekend is over I will decide if this needs to be a yearly thing...or if one time is good enough for me. :)
Off to take my babies to the park!


  1. I SO wish I could go too... Please enjoy every second, and bring some home :-)

  2. I LOOOOOVE Ladies' Retreat! Where will be be at? Oh, are you going to the one in Minnesota? Mary Shelton is the Guest Speaker there, right? You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her! Tell her you're my niece. :-) She an her son's little mini-guitar went with us to Israel. She's a hoot! Have a wonderful time. I know you will. Tell EVERYONE hello for me.
    I love you!

  3. BTW, I love the sleeping baby pictures. :-)

  4. Enjoy your weekend retreat. I went to one ladies retreat in my lifetime and that was enough for me. I really enjoyed the couples retreat I attended but I just did not feel comfortable at ladies retreat. I am not sure why but I know it is a blessing for many people. I look forward to hearing how your weekend goes.
    Aunt Marcy

  5. Beautiful post Grace! Love the pics and your open heart about learning from God... What a nice send-off from the Lord for LR! Hope you enjoy and are richly blessed~ Karen


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