Wednesday, October 10, 2012

There will be a test

I didn't realize I was going to be tested after writing my last post about marriage.  Ha!  The past four days have been a little rough for me -- and I have TRIED to remember what I said about putting myself in my husband's shoes.  It has helped.  A little bit. =D

I read another nugget today that goes along with the one I wrote about on Sunday:

Show love to your spouse by making sacrifices readily and with a good attitude.

When I read that this morning I thought about how I have reacted in the past.  For the most part I think I react in a negative way.  I am "put out" that I have to put down what I'M doing to help -- but what I was doing wasn't always important.  Not to mention Paul hardly EVER asks for favors! 

I feel like God is really working on me.  I have allowed myself to go to a place of discontentment.  I am selfish, nagging, and can easily find the bad instead of the good.  I can't even believe I'm writing about this...

I don't know how it happens, but somewhere, somehow, we allow the devil to tell us things about our husbands that are not true.  Without even realizing it you are mentally remembering every "horrible" thing he has done to you -- like forgetting to take out the trash, not picking up his clothes, leaving his shoes right in front of the door, etc.  Before you know it you blow up over something that is "so important" ..... but was it?

God, forgive me for my foolishness.  I need you to help me get ahold of my attitude and adjust it.  In everything I pray I please you, my husband, and my children.  Help me to stop the negative thoughts as soon as they're thought and not allow them into my heart.

I don't know about you, but I got married to my best friend -- a man that I could not live without!  Why would I choose to treat him so poorly?

It's time for change.  It's time for love.  It's time to serve others -- especially my knight in shining armor.

Please don't think that I have been miserable in my marriage.  My marriage is great!  But being pregnant for three years can wear on anyone -- especially the husband who doesn't know what makes the wife happy -- because she doesn't even know!  Lately I've just allowed myself to be miserable and take it out on the ones I love.  That's not fair to anyone.

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