Thursday, September 6, 2012


For those who know me, I'm a very affectionate person.  I love holding Paul's hand, kissing him all the time, and big hugs.

Sometimes I have wondered if I'm too "clingy" though..

Should I tone it down?

Does he need space?

Am I suffocating him?

So I back away.

When I do that, we argue.  I'm grumpy.  I feel less loved.

When Paul was gone for a week I showered the kids with hugs and kisses.  It helped to show affection, but it wasn't the same.

Right before Paul came home he said, "I didn't realize how much I was kissed and hugged on until it was gone.  I miss it.  I need it"

Since he's been home I am back to my old self.  Showering him with hugs, kisses, and loving touches.  But there is even more love behind the affection now.

Absense really does make the heart grow fonder.

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