Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bozeman Adventures

The whole family has been living in a hotel room in sunny Bozeman, MT while Paul continues his training for his job.  We got here Sunday evening -- and surprisingly enough -- we have been keeping pretty busy!
The kids normally wake up around 7:30.  Paul leaves around 7:45.  The kids and I watch cartoons till about 8:30 then we walk down to breakfast.  The continental breakfast consists of mini muffins and bagels -- with no cream cheese.  Oh, and Frosted Flakes or Raisin Bran.  The coffee is horrible.  Seriously.  I'm pretty much drinking water.
I work on my laptop till Paul picks us up around noon.  We go out to eat together and then I drop him off so I have the car in the afternoon.  I drive around exploring new places, sometimes I'll stop and shop.  Yesterday I found a Joann's store so I had to stop!  I bought some items and plan on doing a craft this weekend when I don't have any work to get in the way.  It's something that even Zoe can "help" me with!
I'm only out for an hour or two before returning to the room.  I put the kids down for quiet time -- since afternoon naps flew out the window as soon as we got here -- and I do more work on my laptop till around 5:00 when we go pick Daddy up from work.
After Paul gets off work we drive around and shop together till we're hungry for dinner, we find a place to eat, and then it's back to the room for relazation.
I am so thankful that everything is working out the way it is.  The kids are doing surprisingly well with being cooped up in a room.  We play with toys, watch cartoons, we brought Zoe's school.. we keep busy!  It seems like the days fly by.

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  1. Glad you are doing well :-)
    I don't miss that life ;) But I had it for weeks :-/ A week or two is fun :-D


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