Friday, February 10, 2012


There's a new kid in town.
Meet Baby Olive.

Hello, sweet baby cousin.

Her actual name is Olivia, but because she is so teeny tiny I can't help but call her Baby Olive instead.

Paul and I were reading how every child conceived is a gift.  When the majority of pregnancies are unplanned, we as women tend to have a hard time remembering that.  But it's true!  Every single child is brought into this world for a reason -- God never wastes a life.

Not only do I want to remember that I am a gift, I want to remember that my children are too.  When they're dancing together in their room or when they're crying because they're simply mad.. my children are a gift.  I look forward to seeing who and what they will become when they grow up.


  1. love this post! I'm happy for Caleb and Mandy, and their cute family! The last two paragraphs are really well said, and a good reminder!

  2. precious. you are absolutely right - thanks for the reminder to squeeze tight my babies today!


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