Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Making change

The other day I noticed that Netflix had The Biggest Loser seasons.  I always wanted to watch that show, but never got around to doing it.  Well, one day I decided it was time to watch the first season.  I have watched 4-5 episodes so far and I think I'm hooked.

I was looking at myself in the mirror afterward.  Yes, I did just have 2 babies in 2 years, but I'm feeling a little flubby.  I'm definitely not that hot, petite, size 6 girl Paul married 4 years ago.  I want to get back to that -- as close as I can anyways.

This morning, instead of my morning coffee, I grabbed some water and my iPhone.  Thanks to all the apps they have on there I was able to find a workout that suits where I am right now, AND I have a calorie counter.

I know this is just the first day, but I already feel so much better about myself.  Instead of complaining to my husband about not feeling attractive, I'm doing something about it!  I know it will take a little time, since I have NO ab muscles whatsoever, but I know that everyday will count for something.

I know I'm starting this at a crazy time -- what with holiday snacks and desserts all over the place -- but what better time to start?  There is temptation all over the place and I need to learn to make wise decisions.  I can do this.  I want to be healthy and fit.

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