Friday, September 30, 2011


I don't know how it is for other mothers, but for me, I have a hard time accepting the fact that I'm not superwoman.. yet. =)  I get so frustrated when I need to take a break because my body is still healing.  I wish I could just "shake it off" and run the marathon I feel like I can, but nope.  I still have to take breaks.  I feel like such an old person.  No offense to the older generation! =)

I get up around 7:00 a.m. and feed Zoe breakfast.  While she's eating I drink my coffee and either read my morning devotions or hop on skype with my mom so she can say hello to Zoe and Max before we all start our day.

When Zoe is done eating I get her and Max ready for the day.  Diaper changes, put on day clothes, you know the drill.  It seems like by the time everyone (including myself) is ready for the day, Zoe and Max are exhausted and take a morning nap.  How nice for them, huh?  I know everyone will say I SHOULD take a nap as well, but nap times are the best time for me to get work done.  So I take that time to fill out my permits.

When Zoe wakes up I get her lunch ready and then back to work.  After lunch is when it gets fun.  I try to work while keeping Zoe entertained with constant reruns of Veggie Tales when all she really wants to do is crawl into the bathroom and unroll all the toilet paper (I REALLY need to get a gate!).  By the time 7:00 p.m. rolls around I realize Paul will be home any minute so I run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to figure out what to do for dinner.

After dinner is when I try and get the house looking decent.  That is unless Paul comes home with a movie, and then I want to spend quality time with my family till the kids go to bed.

I don't know.  I'll figure something out. =)

Oh, and when I do feel well enough, I totally want to lose my baby fat!!  I'm thinking zumba or something fun like that.


  1. I so understand wanting to be wonder women. Zumba is the best thing ever! I did it for 4 months and lost almost all the weight. As soon as I hit 6 weeks! Good luck with being Wonder Women :D

  2. Give up on Wonder-woman for now and give yourself a break, girl! Remember that your Momma had lots of practice to get it all together ~ I'm sure she had her own glitches early on!

    Hopefully you will be able to get the babies' sleep schedules more coordinated, that will help a lot. I can say this.... I would cozy up to the crock pot and get a bunch of go-to & freeze ahead recipes.

    I got a great recipe book called "Cook for a Day, Eat for a Month!" and it is brilliant. I don't use every recipe, but the strategies are great. I have used the all-purpose meat mixture a lot and I especially like the Sloppy Joe adaptation. I can give you some of the recipes, if you like. (The strategies really ARE the gold in the book, though.) I think I got it used from for like $6.00. You will work the rest out eventually!

    Love you,
    Aunt Carmela


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