Saturday, September 17, 2011

Maximus Kirby: The Birth Story

I am so thankful that Max is finally here! It's only been a couple days and I already can't imagine my life without him.

The night of September 14 seemed to be a long one for me. I went to bed at 9:30 and it took me half an hour to fall asleep. For anyone who knows me that is a really long time! I woke up throughout the night peeking at the alarm clock to see if it was even remotely close to 5:00 a.m.

4:51 a.m. finally rolled around, and I took those nine minutes to snuggle up to the back of my husband while he slept. I knew it would be the last time I snuggled up to him with something being "in the way." Believe it or not, I actually was able to make myself calm down and really enjoy that moment.

The alarm blared loudly right on time and Paul, Sara, and I got ready for the big day. We remembered the hospital bag, cameras, phones, chargers, and even my granola bar. We only forgot one thing -- the car seat. Thankfully we only live down the hill from the hospital so it wasn't that big of a deal.

We arrived at the hospital, checked in, I got into one of those lovely hospital gowns that make you feel so skinny and attractive (HA!), got weighed (lost 10 lbs), and then they hooked me up to the IV. My favorite part. Thankfully I didn't have it in my wrist this time, so I had movement of both of my hands. That was nice.

Dr. Lien came in around 8:00 a.m. to break my water and start me on a low dose of pitocin.  We brought Zoe's walker with us and she walked the maternity with my while I tried to get the ball rolling.  It only took one lap and I knew things were progressing pretty quick.

My contractions seemed very inconsistent to me.  I had strong ones.  I had not-so-strong ones.  Sometimes rubbing my back worked and other times it hurt way too bad.  I had full on back labor with Zoe.  This time it was back/butt/thighs.  Ouch!

The nurse informed me ahead of time, if it was ok with me, that there would be a med student supervising everything that would be going on today.  It would be her first time witnessing a birth.  What a birth to witness!  But I'm getting ahead of myself..

During one of my contractions the nurse had the student touch my belly to see how hard it was.  She then began to inform the student that if I were to have an epidural I would have no idea that my body was contracting and they would have to tell me since I would have no feeling from the waist down.

Talk about hyperventilating.

I had to literally make myself breathe and calm down because the thought of not feeling my legs made me so claustrophobic!  If my contractions weren't so hard by that point I would have even took another walk.  Just thinking about it freaks me out. =\

It's amazing how different labors can be from each other.  I was in labor with Zoe for 12 hours.  I was in labor with Max for 4 1/2 hours.  During labor, though, I had no idea it was going to happen so fast!  It seemed like I dilated to 7cm incredibly fast, and then things just stalled while we waited for the stinking lip of my cervix to get out of the way.  The nurse had me push a few times and I still couldn't get anywhere!  I was feeling very discouraged.

Mom had the idea to squat.  I squatted through two contractions and screamed because I felt things open up dramatically.  What a crazy feeling!  I got back into bed and the nurse said that she talked to Dr. L on the phone and she said to lay on my side.  I did, and let me tell you, laying on your side during contractions may sound like it would give you a little relief, especially when you're having back labor, but it doesn't.  It. Hurt. So. Bad.

While laying on my side I thought I felt Max crowning, but because the nurse kept saying the lip of the cervix was in the way I doubted myself.  Well, it didn't take long before I knew it -- he was coming!  I said that in between gritted teeth but no one heard me.  I tried rolling over but a contraction got in the way and I could not move a muscle.  The nurse finished rolling me over to check the cervix to see Max's head in the way!

That's when the craziness happened.  The nurse started demanding things left and right -- "Call Lien! Give me another glove! Bring that table over here!" the list went on.  I only had to push once to finish getting the rest of Max's body out.

I listened for his cry.  I didn't hear it.  Dr. L arrived the second after the nurse delivered him.  No one was saying a word.  I kept saying, "Where's my baby? Where's my baby?" while my mom gently said, "His eyes are open, Grace, he's looking around.." but I knew my mom was hiding something from me.

I finally heard him cry and it was the best sound I ever heard.  I didn't see him for the longest time because everyone was surrounding him.  I finally got to see my son -- Maximus Kirby.

As you can see from the picture, he was very bruised.  I was so afraid!  Thankfully the nurse told me what happened..

For one, Max came out extremely fast.  Obviously. =)  He didn't come out head down like he was supposed to, instead he came out facing my leg -- and his hand was up against his face.  Which is why the stinking lip of the cervix never moved!  So not only did he fly out, he flew out facing the wrong way!  Crazy kid..

Here is little Max today.  The swelling has gone down dramatically!

He is 7 lbs 4 oz and is 18 1/2 inches long.  I am still amazed at how tiny he seems!  Because of the swelling, it seems like he gets smaller and smaller everyday instead of slowly getting bigger.  Ha!  He has beautiful frosted white hair and a cute little cowlick just like his parents.  Cute now, but he won't like it later.

Our little guy looks so much like his dad.  I am so proud!  He is just the most handsome little guy I have ever seen.

I absolutely love my little family.  My wonderful husband.  My pocket-full-of-sunshine daughter.  And now my handsome baby son.  Life is good.


  1. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you! He's here!!

  2. Max is so beautiful! Poor baby though!! I'm sure that birth process was dramitic on the poor fella! 4 1/2 hours WOW!!!! How great!!! Although, I'm sure out your next one will be even more crazy fast!!! :-D


  3. Congratulations Gracie! Sure hope I can meet Zoe and Max in person someday.
    Is Grandma Bunny ready to go home? HAHAHAHA! (Sorry! Couldn't help myself.) =) Seriously, I'm praying for ALL of you.
    ~~Aunt Vicki~~

  4. Grace - I had tears as I looked at your family picture above. Max is so handsome and your family is beyond words, Beautiful. Congrats to you, my friend....congrats.

    Gail H.

  5. Congrats! So happy for you. Can't wait to see more pictures.


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