Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life with 2

So far life with two has been busy -- yet fun!

I absolutely love watching Zoe try and peek into the bassinet.  When she realizes that even being on her tippy toes is not enough she'll turn to me and reach out her pudgy little arms begging me to pick her up so she can peer over the top to see her little man.

Max is showered with kisses and caresses from Zoe every 5 minutes.  I'm thankful he doesn't mind, because I'm sure the affection will not stop anytime soon.  Hopefully never!

We have been on a couple family car rides since bringing Max home from the hospital.  Both times we have had to blare Jack Johnson to soothe crying kids.  I think Jack has the same affect on Max that he does on Zoe.  Thank goodness!

Diaper changes happen at the same time.  As soon as I'm done with one I find the other for their turn.  I find it very comical -- now. =)  Also, right now they're both taking naps!  I wonder if they'll be on the same schedule for everything?

Life is busy and fun.  Mom and the kids are still here so I'm getting plenty of help.  I don't look forward to them leaving on Saturday for many reasons.  Mostly I will miss the chaotic routine of everything.

Listening to Zoe call after Nana (like the dog on Peter Pan) and hearing them follow each other all over the house like two best friends -- because that is exactly what they have become on this trip.

Threatening to get the spray bottle out because kids wouldn't get up and get ready for school.

Paul being home all day.

The list could go on, but I'm too tired and emotional to write anymore. =)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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