Friday, September 2, 2011

Castor oil

I woke up around 7:45 this morning trying to psyche myself out and drink the nasty -- Castor oil.  I finally attempted to drink some around 10:00, but only got one swig of it in before running to the bathroom and immediately throwing it up.. as well as my breakfast.

After my little "incident" I tried psyching myself out again.  I drank some more, and thought I was doing well, but one swallow hit me wrong and I almost lost it.

Just typing this out is making me dry heave.  I'm literally talking to myself hoping I don't throw up. =\

I think I'm done.  I can't drink anymore of that stuff!  My stomach is churning and I'm just waiting around to see if I throw this up too.  I immediately ate two pieces of toast, but I'm still burping this "odorless" and "tasteless" junk.

I give up.. =\

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