Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's going down

30 weeks 5 days
Taken at my inlaw's house
 So here's a picture I took yesterday after realizing -- yet again -- that I have been HORRIBLE about taking pictures with this pregnancy!  I hope my son doesn't feel neglected when he gets older.  At nearly 31 weeks I still forget that I'm pregnant.  What is wrong with me?

Zoe was born at 37 weeks, so I can't help but feel like this one will be born around the same time.  I shouldn't think that way, since every baby is different and comes at different times, but I can't see myself going any later then that.  Thankfully Dr. Lien induced me early so I'm sure she'll do the same again.  She is too amazing for words!!

Tomorrow I plan on taking advantage of my day off and cleaning my house as well as organizing all of the junk in the garage so I can ::hopefully:: have a garage sale this weekend.  I sure hope it works out!  I sure would like some extra spending $$$ for our upcoming trip to Washington for a wedding.  I'm in desperate need of Starbucks!  We'll see how it all goes down.  I want to do so much, but I know I need to listen to my body as well so I don't go into labor TOO early.  Thankfully I'll have Paul's cousin, Felicia, helping me out.

If you're lucky maybe I'll take some pictures tomorrow.  Seriously, if you're lucky.. =)


  1. You are so tiny! My belly is bigger then yours! Just remember boys lungs mature slower and aren't usually ready until 38 weeks. Something to think about! :)

  2. Actually, I did know that because my husband was born a month early and his lungs were under developed. :( Not fun!


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