Thursday, July 28, 2011

Longest. Trip. Ever.

As you all know, Paul and I headed to Vancouver, WA yesterday.  We were on the road a little before 6:00 and we were SO STOKED for actually being on time and remembering most everything.. well, 2 hours down the road Zoe made sure we knew that this would be the longest trip we ever took in our lives.

Zoe has been teething, plus she has a new big girl carseat, we were on the road for 13 or 14 hours.. this all adds up to screaming/crying the entire way.  Not even Jack Johnson was helping our little girl -- and he always works.  Oh my word.  We all are so glad to be out of that car!

We were able to say hello to some of the family, sneak peeked on the wedding cake, and then headed to our room where all 3 of us crashed.  Paul was out of the room by 7:00 to take the guys out for their Bachelor party day, and Zoe and I will be hanging out with my parents -- who just happen to be an hour or so away with one of their revivals!  How awesome is that!

Now that we all are settled in, happy, and ready to play before the wedding, I'll make sure to take pictures. ;)

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