Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Please, don't scare my kid.

I read that during the 9 month stage of a baby's life they sometimes can decide to go through a shy stage.  Zoe is going through a shy stage.  I hope one day she will grow out of it, because I don't mind it right now but when she gets older I don't want her clinging to my leg when she's older.  I would like my children to be friendly and smile -- without touching strangers, thanks.

This afternoon I had to go to Walmart and the cashier was trying everything she could possibly think of to make Zoe smile.  Zoe was on my hip and she was clinging to my shirt and completely freaked out.  For some reason that fueled the lady's fire and she continued acting like a spazz in order to get Zoe to smile.  During her freaking out she jumped at Zoe and said "BOO!"

Zoe jumped out of her skin and started bawling.  ::ugh::  Thanks a million, lady.  I felt so bad for Zoe, because I could tell she was scared to death, and I wanted to give the cashier a nasty look -- but I know she didn't mean it.


I love my daughter. :)

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  1. Thats too funny! I feel bad for laughing but there's been a few times I've wondered what my neice is thinking when people are pinching her checks and popping out from behind things trying to get her to "warm up" to them haha... Zoe's getting so big! She's so pretty.. Hope you had a great Mother's Day :) xxo


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