Sunday, May 29, 2011

The new look

I think all moms can agree to the above saying --

Super Mom. Super Wife. Super Tired.

Right now my eyes are blood shot and teary because I am beyond exhaustion.  Zoe woke up at 6:00 so I washed and made her a sippy cup of milk, changed her diaper, and put her in bed with Paul and I.  She guzzled her milk and we all passed out listening to lullabies on Pandora.  We woke up around 9:00 -- thank goodness church starts at 2:00! -- took showers and then I went about getting breakfast for Zoe and I.. while she watched Veggie Tales.. of course.

After breakfast Zoe had another cup of milk and she went down for her first nap.  While she was napping I picked up around the house until it was time to get ready for church.  I attempted to drink a cup of coffee but I was too hot from all the running around I was doing.  Things are a little neglected right now since I'm still trying to figure out my new work schedule.

We headed to church and got things ready around there, I taught one of the Sunday school classes, led song service, and then wrestled with Zoe in the pew while trying to pay attention to Paul's sermon -- you did a great job, honey!

Thankfully we went out for dinner.  I was so tired I thought about skipping the meal altogether -- which is horrible since I'm pregnant.  In my defense, I still forget that I'm pregnant again.

So that is the reason behind the new look of the blog.  Between raising Zoe, being pregnant again, working a job from home, trying to keep house, and try to find a new recipe to tackle every now and then.  I do my best to be "super" at everything I do -- and in the end it leaves me super tired!

I think I'm ready for bed now..

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