Saturday, March 12, 2011

What is it about Saturdays?

I feel so bad for my husband because he has to work every. Saturday. of. his. life.  I think because I know he has to work on such a lazy day, I choose to work just as hard around the house that way he doesn't feel like I get to rest and he doesn't.  I say this on a Saturday that I am not home and instead I am at his parent's house on the internet.  ::nervous laugh::

I have good reason to be here, though.  I am putting together a resume -- something I have no clue how to do -- and I need to test myself to see how many words I can type per minute.  The reason for doing this is because I am applying for a little job that I can work from home.. using internet which will mean we have to get it at our house.

Mmhmm.. that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

I hate testing myself.  Supposedly I type 45 words per minute, but I know that I type faster when I try to keep up with my mind instead of trying to copy a stupid paragraph with words I rarely use.  But whatever.  I enjoy the challenge!

Tonight our pastor and his wife will be taking us out.  We are going to the new Mexican restaurant that opened yesterday.  The only Mexican we have in Havre is Taco Time and Taco John's.  So we are very, very excited!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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