Tuesday, March 22, 2011

If we had internet at our house..

  1. I could post on my blog whenever I had a great idea.
  2. I would spend more evenings at my house, in my pj's, doing laundry in between surfing from site to site.
  3. Zoe would skype with Gramma and Papa Shu every. single. night.
  4. We could get netflix and I have endless possibilities of things to watch instead of the handful of DVD's we own which means I would have internet and tv.
  5. I could make something new every. night because I would find new things to try using the internet.. :)
Just a few of the things I could do if we had internet at our house..


  1. I think I must have been reading this half asleep. I thought you got internet! AND this was all the things you were going to do with it. Hence the "yay" . :) I hope you get it soon. We didn't have internet or cable the first year we were married and it drove me nutso!!!!!


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