Thursday, January 20, 2011

Reaching a milestone

I feel so excited because I feel like Zoe has reached another milestone.  Not only is she sitting up completely on her own, she is showing interest in her toys which means..  ::drum roll please::

I have baby toys that cover my living room floor.

I feel like that is the biggest accomplishment ever!  When you come over to my house you will see Zoe's toys on the floor that she has played with.  Is anyone else out there as excited as I am?!?!

She absolutely loves her books and actually sits well for a story -- for a nearly 6 month old.  She loves "drinking" out of her teacups, playing with the jiggly elephant that is present in the picture above.  She pretty much loves every toy in the basket!

I hate love that she is growing up and discovering new things.  I just hate love it.  Before I know it she will be crawling under my feet.  Am I ready??


  1. Your excited about toys all over the floor now, I'm sure you'll be dreading it when shes 3 and you have to pick up her toys everywhere and your a big ol' pregnant women. :)
    She's 6 months? Gees. How you gonna feel when she turns 1?

  2. She's so cute! I'm excited too. Just wish I could play with her too. When she starts walking you can start to teach her to throw her toys back in the basket when she's done playing with them. And then she'll be your little helper when the next baby comes along.


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